Open Source Projects

This is a platform to develop Free and Open Source Software to enhance the experience of using Urdu and other local languages on various operating systems. Here we will try to build a foundation upon which other developers can build further. This will, hopefully, solve the problem of re-inventing the wheel for those young developers who dare venture into this uncharted territory. As the maps get clearer and clearer, other developers will be able to explore much farther than the ones that came before. By sharing our knowledge with the community, we hope to turn this barren wasteland into a livelier place.

Azad Urdu Installer

Muhammad Saad (Original Author)

Azad Urdu Installer is your one-stop solution to install better support for Urdu and local languages in Microsoft Windows.

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Urdu Feeds Chrome Extension

Aamir Malik (Original Author)

Keep yourself updated with wha’s going on in the Urdu blogosphere

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Muhammad Saad (Original Author)

A simple and easy to use GUI for creating your own keyboard layouts for GNU/Linux.

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